Poster Shop Updates / Specials & Back in the Shop / May 2021


Movie posters by:

Vladimír Benetka

Buriánek L.

Josef Chovan

Alexej Jaroš

Peter Kľúčik

Miroslav Pechánek

Olga Poláčková-Vyleťalová

Unknown Poster Designer / BLOG

Petr Sís

Jiří Šalamoun

Zdeněk Vlach

Mirek Wagner

Jan Weber

Zdeněk Ziegler


Please take advantage of our discount coupons if you are:

  • student / 25% by typing – poster art love – in checkout
  • artist or graphic designer / 22% by typing – graphic art czechoslovakia – in checkout
  • first time visitor / 17% by typing – hello jozefsquare – in checkout

Posters currently on SALE don’t work with the coupons above. Please select FREE SHIPPING, if you’ll go for more posters.


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