70s posters designed by artists from Czechoslovakia.

70s posters created for the screenings of the movies in former Czechoslovakia. Seventies were quite a tragedy for cultural enlightenments as the Communists were getting back to power. Even though they have tried to destroy everything with just a bit of humanism and value, they did not make it through the gate of poster territory. Similarly to book illustration and film animation, poster design artists have managed to maintain they own artistic freedom. Awkwardly, but 1970s poster design preserved several members and the visual quality of their predecessors. Many incredible talents has been lost in this era. Some artists like for example self-taught Karel Saudek had ban from working. Antonín Dimitrov, Jan Brychta and many others had to immigrate. And several artists as Eva Galová-Vodrážková or Naděžda Bláhová decided to make changes by themselves. You can explore our poster blog to find out more about movie poster history in Czechoslovakia.

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