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Welcome to our Poster Archive, ever growing online / physical archive of posters & artworks created by the fine artists and graphic designers from the former Czechoslovakia (1918-1992), who in the days of shady Communist regime (1948-1989) turned posters into highly collectable art. Many great artists, designers, illustrators or typographers of the era were seeking asylum in poster making. On our research we are trying to puzzle all the relevant information together. We are keen on publishing about Czechoslovak poster art and are always happy to exhibit. We are uploading posters to jozefSquare online database almost daily and each poster is also carefully preserved in our poster archive. If you wish to learn more about the history of Czechoslovak poster art, please visit our poster blog.

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Are posters original or reprints?
All posters are original, unless stated otherwise. With good number of movies banned by the regime and also some popular titles, there was occasionally demand for additional copies. Reprints were all made in Czechoslovakia before 1992.

What are the poster sizes?
Posters were usually printed in large A1 and small A3 formats. A3 format would inherit the same design as A1 most of the time. Occasionally additional A3 versions were also designed, sometimes even by different artist. In rare occasions extra large A0 posters were printed. Small informative A4/A5 were commonly used and usually designed directly by ÚPF (Ústřední Půjčovna Filmů/ Formal state distribution and only commissioner 1957 – 1991).

What are the conditions of the posters?
Majority of our posters were displayed in the cinemas and they show signs of their age and previous use. Detailed description and photograph is included within the listing. If photograph doesn’t correspond with actual listing, it would be stated and additional photographs can be requested.

Can you keep posters on reserve?
Yes, we can by mutual agreement. If you wish to reserve anything, please get in touch.

You can either do one off payment using our Stripe, Paypal secure checkout or even direct bank transfer. You can also try Paypal’s 3 interest-free payments (more details on checkout’s page).

Can you obtain poster that is not showing on your website?
Our jozefSquare poster archive holds over 4000 posters and it is growing almost daily. Please use search or index page, maybe you’ll find what you are looking for. Eventually we can try to search for the poster we don’t show, for more details, please get in touch.

Can I get refund?
We don’t offer refunds. If you wish, we can send out detailed photographs before the purchase.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we do. Please select your shipping destination in the checkout. We don’t take any responsibility for the shipping or customs. If you are unsure about your country’s custom regulations, please get in touch before the purchase. For the peace on mind you can use track & sign option at the checkout, that cover loses up to £500.00. It takes up to three months to resolve the issue. For the customers from EU there is £130.00 minimum charge on basket, customs to be paid at arrival.

Do you offer Free Shipping?
Yes we do offer free shipping on £100+ orders. You can select Free Shipping option when checking out.

Do you offer Student or any other discounts?
– 25% student discount by typing – poster love – in checkout’s coupon field.
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Do you accept offers?
If anything triggers and price is too high, or you wish to combine several posters, please send us your offer via contact form.

There is jozefSquare watermark on your images. Is it printed on the poster?
All our images and content is copyrighted. Watermark is not printed on actual poster. For publishing purposes, high-res images without watermark can be obtained.