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Daniel Olbrychski on Dobroslav Foll’s movie poster enjoying new home

Thanks to Patryk and his family,

for such an instant respond to our genuine poster observation request. We love to admire posters in their new places and it makes us very happy when we receive a snapshot.

We can’t express enough feelings towards Polish cinematography. Andrzej Wajda would fall into category of our favourite Polish directors. His Promised Land movie poster designed for Czechoslovak audience felt into hands of Dobroslav Foll, the man of many incredible talents and ways of working with his resources. We will be looking into his wonderful work in few months time and the research will be shown in our poster blog.


Promised Land, Andrzej Wajda, 70s Movie Poster, Daniel Olbrychski

The Promised Land poster in B & W surrounding.

Black and white makes it look amazing, you really pulled out the maximum out of it. We like the results, thank you!!


Discover other fascinating movie posters designed by Dobroslav Foll. Or see other interesting curiosities in our Andrzej Wajda / Polish Cinema archive.

Abstract Poster Design by Miroslav Pechánek on Display

Many thanks to Claire and Séamus,

for letting us to have a look at their wonderful Mama I’m Alive movie poster by Czech typographer, graphic and poster designer Miroslav Pechánek in it’s new environment. We are very happy to see his poster was treated with such a love and care and now it’s beautifully framed and on the wall. Artist did not designed more than 20 movie posters and his name appeared on the Czechoslovak movie posters sometime in early seventies. We still don’t know much about his work, but surely love his portfolio and will look forward further exploration. Movie poster looks astonishing, thank you!!


Abstract poster design, 70s Poster Miroslav Pechánek

Abstract poster design by Miroslav Pechánek, 1977.


Please discover other fascinating movie posters designed by Miroslav Pechánek in our online archive.

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Movie Posters Sale, October Sale

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Rudolf Altrichter‘s Girl from the Mountains (1972) movie poster was used in the image above.

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Donkey Skin and Papilio Posters / Magical Framer

Thanks to Rachel and Andrew,

for sending us their snapshots of wonderfully framed film poster by Alexej Jaroš and Karel Teissig. Posters were treated with beautiful combination of lively gold & silver. And what’s more Mr. Framer took a missing corner on the Donkey Skin as a challenge and granted the poster with little / large (in spirits) repair. See his fantastic work bellow.


Donkey Skin poster 2

Jacques Demy’s Donkey Skin poster by Alexej Jaroš remains in original golden frame.





Donkey Skin poster before and after the magical touch of Master Framer.


Papilio, Karel Teissig, 1986

Karel Teissig’s impressive collage for Papilio, 1986.


Framed Vintage Posters Papilio / Donkey Skin

Both film posters beautifully together.

Thank you for giving them all that love, we are happy we could see them!


Note: Original posters can be seen by clicking on the images.

Robinson Crusoe Seen in Mallorca

Thanks very much to Britta,

for taking care of Robinson Crusoe poster designed in 1974 by Richtář and for sending us her snapshots. Framing par excellence, it looks absolutely beautiful. White was a great choice and mounting is a joy to look at. Could there be a better place for Robinson Crusoes than Mallorca island? Bellow is the answer:


Robinson Crusoe Movie Poster in White Frame

Wonderful colours of Richtář’s Robinson Crusoe poster pulled out by excellent mounting and matching white frame.


Robinson Crusoe Poster Framed

Perfect mount in closer detail.


Original poster can be seen by clicking on any of the images. Or you can explore other fascinating poster designs made for the films based on Daniel Defoe‘s writings.

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Background of the image above is a crop from the movie poster Basically Normal Family, designed by, Karel Vaca, 1981.

The French Lieutenant’s Woman Movie Poster goes on the Wall

Thanks to Scarlett,

for sending us her snapshot of The French Lieutenant’s Woman / Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons movie poster. We are happy seeing Zdeněk Vlach‘s excellent art work (1987)  is about to adorn the wall. Impressive illustrator and award winning poster artist designed over 200 movie posters.

Artist’s portfolio: Zdeněk Vlach

The French Lieutenant's Woman Movie Poster, 80s Poster Art

The French Lieutenant’s Woman movie poster, designed by Zdeněk Vlach 1987.