Amarcord Movie Poster And Peter Kľúčik’s Miracle at New Home

Thank you Claire and Séamus,

we’ve been beautifully touched when we’ve received your fantastic snapshots. Movie posters look fabulous, to add, black fits perfectly to both. Josef Vyleťal‘s Amarcord looks absolutely impressive, one can study any of his movie posters by millimetres. Only very recently we have learned that he was also designing movie sets for such a great directors as Juraj Jakubisko or Juraj Herz, his abilities were endless. Must say thanks to Communist regime and their ridiculous, believe if they would not be around, mr. Vyleťal is happily painting his surreal paintings and we would not be able to explore those beauties he created, well, who knows.

Different story to movie poster designing of Slovak fine artist Peter Kľúčik. His portfolio unlike that of Josef Vyleťal’s with over hundred posters (1964 – 1979) consists of only 5 illustrated movie posters (late 80’s). His main focus was lying on book illustration (many wonderful children books) and ex-libris that are full of surreal, unpredictable, sometimes even bizarre humour. There is great archive of Peter Kľúčik’s artwork in online archive of National Slovak Gallery.

Thank you for taking such lovely care of them !!


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