Poster Links

In our research we often come across invaluable knowledge and information. Here we share some of the best poster links with you.

Research contemporary posters online:

50 Watts / links to posts on illustrators/designers from Czechoslovakia. Allow some time for exploration. There is not only that.
abArt / Czechoslovak Art Data Archive and so much more
Fonts In Use / our most favourable Typography archive

Foreign Movie Posters  / stream of fabulous movie posters from across the globe
International Advertising & Design DataBase / the most valuable archive of magazines such as Graphis or Gebrauchsgraphik and so many others
Monoskop / fantastic resource for art studies

Movie Posters Invariants / not just another movie poster blog
Movie Poster of the Day  / by Adrian Curry
Poster Blog / by Agnieszka Ziemiszewska‎

Rene Wanner’s Poster Page / no need to say more
The Poster Boys / possibly one and only and definitely the most beloved podcast on poster art

Poster artists/designers we like:

Brandon Schaefer / The Poster Boys
Midnight Marauder
Neven Udovicic

Saga Ballero
Sam Smith / The Poster Boys
Sebastian Marchal

Tony Stella
Ute Hintersdorf / pix and colours

Illustrators we adore:

Nicholas Beckett
Svetlana Sobcenko

Personal (?):
jan krlička / Mirko Picelli’s debut is possibly showing on the film festival somewhere close to you. Go and see it :).

The Habit of Beauty Poster, Mirko Pincelli, Poster Links Page

Film poster for Mirko Pincelli’s debut The Habit of Beauty with astonishing design by Midnight Marauder, 2016.