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Poster Designer / Naděžda Bláhová

Book Illustration / Graphic Art / Photography


Duel movie poster, 1970s minimalist poster

Duel – Naděžda Bláhová, 1975


– b. 14th of November 1926, Prague-Hostivice, Czech Republic


– 1942−1945, State Graphic School, Prague (Karel Muller)
– 1945−1950, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (Karel Svolinský)

Awards, Exhibitions:

– Exhibition of Czechoslovak Graphic Art, Poland & Soviet Union, 1955
– 2nd International Exhibition of Film Posters, Versailles, 1961
– Honorary Artist, ÚPF (Ústřední Půjčovna Filmů / State Film distribution), 1961
– Czechoslovak Poster, Havana, 1962
– Biennale Brno 1964, 1966, 1970, 1972 (dated only to 1972)


Czechoslovakia Liberated movie Poster, 1970s Poster

Czechoslovakia Liberated – Naděžda Bláhová, 1975


Moving ahead in alphabet we would almost missed on one of the very important Czech women graphic artist of the Sixties poster design. Incident could occur easily, there is no evidence of movie poster of Naděžda Bláhová in our poster archive that would point to Sixties. On our research through the history of Czechoslovak film poster we are finding out that we should stop and do a little rewind. Naděžda Bláhová has exhibited since the Fifties!


Hold-up Movie Poster, 70s Poster Art

Movie poster Hold-up designed by Naděžda Bláhová, 1975.


Small appearance of Naděžda Bláhová’s movie posters in our collection is not accidental. She created possibly not more than thirty movie posters and some of them are real rarities. Editor for publishers of children books for some time, paradoxically to the movie posters shown in this article Naděžda Bláhová was mostly illustrating books for kids.

Her poster designs as can be seen on the images still owe some to illustration,  but are evolved into rapid graphics and strong typography. Total opposite to that kid’s story. Minimalist movie posters with excellent lettering overtaking almost one third of the poster. Her beautiful typography layout is also worth noting.


Magazine Cover, Typografia, 1960s Design

Magazine Cover – Typografia, Naděžda Bláhová, 1969


On the image above we can see Naděžda Bláhová talked graphics respectively. It is the snippet of her work from The International Exhibition of Poster and Promotional Graphics 1970’s catalogue*. It shows the cover of the magazine called Typografia published in 1960’s Czechoslovakia. (You can also see some other Biennale participants from the movie poster section – Rudolf Altrichter, Robert Brož or Josef Flejšar) Cover did not need to be necessarily in black and white, catalogue photographs were usually printed as such. We will leave filling the colours to you.


Note: this showcase is part of our ongoing article Film posters / Made in Czechoslovakia. The story of film posters.

Available posters by Naděžda Bláhová or other fascinating film posters designed by women poster designers.




  • II. Bienále Užité Grafiky Brno ’66, Medzinárodní Výstava Knižní Grafiky a Ilustrace, Moravská Galerie v Brně. / 2nd Biennale of Graphic Design Brno ’66, The International Exhibition of Book Graphics and Illustrations, Moravian Gallery Brno, 1966
  • IV. Bienále Užité Grafiky Brno 1970, Medzinárodní Přehlídka Plakátu a Propagační Grafiky, Moravská Galerie v Brně. / 4th Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 1970, The International Exhibition of Poster and Promotianal Graphics, Moravian Gallery Brno, 1970
  • V. Bienále Užité Grafiky Brno 1972, Medzinárodní Výstava Ilustrace a Knižní Grafiky, Moravská Galerie v Brně. / 5th Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 1972, The International Exhibition of Illustrations and Book Graphics, Moravian Gallery Brno, 1972


abArt / Naděžda Bláhová

Images used:

* Typography, magazine cover, pen drawing, 31 x 23.4, 1969 – IV. Bienále Užité Grafiky Brno 1970, Medzinárodní Přehlídka Plakátu a Propagační Grafiky, Moravská Galerie v Brně. / 4th Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 1970, The International Exhibition of Poster and Promotional Graphics, Moravian Gallery Brno, 1970 (p.138)


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