Daniel Olbrychski on Dobroslav Foll’s movie poster enjoying new home

Thanks to Patryk and his family,

for such an instant respond to our genuine poster observation request. We love to admire posters in their new places and it makes us very happy when we receive a snapshot.

We can’t express enough feelings towards Polish cinematography. Andrzej Wajda would fall into category of our favourite Polish directors. His Promised Land movie poster designed for Czechoslovak audience felt into hands of Dobroslav Foll, the man of many incredible talents and ways of working with his resources. We will be looking into his wonderful work in few months time and the research will be shown in our poster blog.


Promised Land, Andrzej Wajda, 70s Movie Poster, Daniel Olbrychski

The Promised Land poster in B & W surrounding.

Black and white makes it look amazing, you really pulled out the maximum out of it. We like the results, thank you!!


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