Stanislav Vajce’s movie posters.

Stanislav Vajce is a Czech painter, book illustrator and poster designer, currently living in Germany where he emigrated in 1987. During 1959 – 1963 Stanislav Vajce studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Primarily a painter, but during 60s and 70s designed over twenty film posters for Czechoslovak and foreign movies. His movie posters are real joy to look at, he blends many different techniques that are meeting in very amusing results. There is no limitation to his designing approach. He likes to play with the surface and texture, mixing montage, collage and obviously the brush stroke. The use of every day objects and body parts are repeatedly reoccurring. Stanislav Vajce’s poster designs are only a step away from his paintings, but unlike in his fascinating assemblages, he likes to employ that cinematic touch in his posters and that is the use of the photograph. Breaking boundaries (in design) seems the most natural to him. His movie posters are pure visual poetry with certain tenderness and delicacy.

You can read interesting article and interview with his wife Eva Vajce in our poster blog.

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