Donkey Skin and Papilio Posters / Magical Framer

Thanks to Rachel and Andrew,

for sending us their snapshots of wonderfully framed film poster by Alexej Jaroš and Karel Teissig. Posters were treated with beautiful combination of lively gold & silver. And what’s more Mr. Framer took a missing corner on the Donkey Skin as a challenge and granted the poster with little / large (in spirits) repair. See his fantastic work bellow.


Donkey Skin poster 2

Jacques Demy’s Donkey Skin poster by Alexej Jaroš remains in original golden frame.





Donkey Skin poster before and after the magical touch of Master Framer.


Papilio, Karel Teissig, 1986

Karel Teissig’s impressive collage for Papilio, 1986.


Framed Vintage Posters Papilio / Donkey Skin

Both film posters beautifully together.

Thank you for giving them all that love, we are happy we could see them!


Note: Original posters can be seen by clicking on the images.