Acrylic painting – Me and my Horse, by self-taught artist Ján Krlička

Me and my Horse – original acrylic painting by self-taught artist Ján Krlička.


Self-taught art

Lovely acrylic painting on canvas made by self-taught artist, Ján Krlička. The painting is sold framed and will be shipped from Slovakia.

Artist: Ján Krlička, Slovakia

Title: Me and my Horse
Material: Acrylic paints, Canvas
Size: around 58×43 cm
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About artist:

Ján Krlička was born in 1954 in Vrchlabi, in former Czechoslovakia. In 1961 the family moved to Prešov in Slovakia, where he still lives and creates works of art. He began carving from an early age, but devoted himself seriously to carving from the 1990s.

His work is characterized by a strong yet spare narrative, and his self-taught hand reveals strong natural talent and creativity. The most characteristic of his works show biblical stories shot through with magical details of everyday life, or cheerful tales from his childhood, or depictions of musicians and their colourful lives full of dance and laughter. An equally important part of his story-telling is the vibrant, exuberant life of nature, sometimes used as a background yet often as a prime visual component of the composition.

Artist’s main oeuvre consists of painted and polished sculptural reliefs, as well as free standing sculptures. Although he has concentrated mainly on woodcarvings, he also works in stone and paint. Many of his artworks are held in private collections in Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and the UK.


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